concept LAB

Before starting a project, all natural, environmental, physical, social and economic analyzes of the region are carried out and a synthesis is produced by taking the data obtained in the light of these analyzes together with the zoning status of the region and the employers' desires, and the idea of ​​the project is determined by this synthesis. The project idea is developed and elaborated, and a concept project production takes place.

In the name of presenting the concept project to the employer and archiving it in the SPArchitects library, a comprehensive magazine is prepared in which all analyzes, concept development process, project images and details are included.

All sketches, diagrams, 3D images and magazines produced in the concept project process are also updated online in our social media platforms.

Concept LAB defines this structure, which all these processes work in harmony with each other, fast and efficient thanks to the right time planning; which is designed on the right inputs and which is suitable for the region.


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